Crew & Services

Regional Crew & Services Database

With seasoned local professionals and a passionate film production community, you will find experienced and talented crew for hire in all departments.

Crew & Vendor Registration

If you are a Crew Member or Industry Vendor and want to register to be included in the online directory, please register now!

There is no fee to be listed. Returning Account Holders may log in to update and/or verify their information. 

  • Crew members with one paid & verified professional credit (per craft category) will be listed accordingly. 
  • Once a new crew member has achieved the required paid & verified professional credit per each skill category, they will then qualify to be listed under the regular, professional skill category, as applicable. 
  • Please be aware that all updates (for both existing & new crew members) will need to be verified by a film office staff member before they will be posted and made available online. 
  • During the review process, your listing will temporarily be offline. 
  • Once verified, your listing will be approved and available for online viewing!

Health and Safety

The TNFC is committed to health and safety at our local workplaces.

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