There are many careers and jobs in the motion picture industry in the Thompson-Nicola region and throughout British Columbia.

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The goal of CreativeBC’s Creative Pathways initiative is to help develop B.C.’s motion picture industry workforce, and provide pathways and opportunities for employment. Explore opportunities for employment here.

Jobs & Programs

Above the Line refers to Producers, Directors, Screenwriters and Lead Performers. In a budget, their salaries and benefits are listed “above” the figurative budget line, because their salaries can fluctuate greatly depending on each individual’s success at their profession.

Below the Line refers to the crew. There are 31 departments and more than 300 job roles.

In B.C., there are six unions and guilds representing the crew. However, there are non-union projects that need crew, such as commercials, documentaries, and industrial, corporate or educational films. These projects often consist of non-union crewmembers.

  • For job descriptions of the technical crew, click here.
  • To explore the job market and programs, and more information about skills, click here.

Film Adjacent careers refer to employees who work in the motion picture industry but in other capacities beyond on the set. 

  • For a list of key roles, click here.
  • For job listings, click here.

Animation, VFX or Post-Production careers can be explored here.


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