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Filmmakers love the Thompson-Nicola region in southern B.C.

Canada’s only true desert, hoodoos, a ski resort, more than 200 lakes, ranches, open range, and vast, rolling grasslands are within a 40-minute drive from the City of Kamloops, making the Thompson-Nicola the region with the most diverse landscape in B.C.

The Thompson-Nicola Film Commission is here to help you and your crew navigate the vast unique landscapes found in this region. Whether you are looking for the perfect film location or a great restaurant, we’ve got you covered.


The Thompson-Nicola region is northeast of Vancouver in British Columbia, Canada. The City of Kamloops is the largest community in the region.

Getting Here

Vancouver to Kamloops is a 4-hour drive on Highway 5, or a 50-minute flight.

Time Zone

Pacific Standard Time; the same time zone as Vancouver and Los Angeles.


Throughout the region, you’ll find landscapes of desert areas including arid, semi-desert, hoodoos, sagebrush, rolling hills, dried golden grasses, clay cliffs, box canyons, gullies and prickly pear cacti.

The grasslands between Merritt and Kamloops are made up of prairie-like rolling grasslands.

Steep mountains and valleys with dramatic views and rock formations outline rivers and small lakes, with large rivers and tributaries running through the region.

Lakes, waterfalls and trails are abundant, with 39 waterfalls in Wells Grey Provincial Park alone.

The region is also home to several ski resorts and a heli-ski in the northernmost part of the region.


The Thompson-Nicola region’s huge geography and south-central B.C. location offers numerous micro-climates, ranging from dry deserts to snowy alpine peaks and plateaus. The spring season begins in March, summer begins in June, fall begins in September and winter begins in December.

Economic Development

As of February 2023, a feasibility report has been completed for the Thompson-Nicola Film Commission in regards to site servicing for a potential film studio in the Thompson-Nicola region. This feasibility report has been made available to potential film studio developers and investors as an aid to determine potential development requirements and costs. This report was preceded by a Motion Picture Studio Business Case feasibility report, which was completed for the TNFC in December 2021.

For more information, interested parties can contact the TNFC, by visiting our Contact Us webpage.

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