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The Thompson-Nicola Film Commission is a full-time, full-service film commission.

The Thompson-Nicola Film Commission markets the Thompson-Nicola region in southern British Columbia, and supports productions wishing to film in the region. The TNFC office is situated in the City of Kamloops.

Our services include:

  • Script / Location breakdowns;
  • Locations packaging (Reel Scout);
  • Scouting;
  • Showing locations;
  • Attending surveys; and recces / Itinerary building;
  • Assisting with Film Permitting with Ministries and Municipalities;
  • Property ownership identification / mapping;
  • Liaison between property owners and production;
  • Finding local crew;
  • Assisting with principle and extras casting;
  • Accommodations;
  • Finding services and amenities for productions;
  • Troubleshooting;
  • Maintaining Reel Scout Locations Digital Library on website and in-house;
  • Maintaining Explore TNRD Digital Photo Library for TNRD residents, services and amenities;
  • Maintaining Live Music! Thompson-Nicola website. 

Behind the Scenes

Filmmakers love our locations and enjoy working here. Watch and listen to actors, directors and producers who enthusiastically describe their adventures and our extraordinary locations in our behind-the-scenes vignettes.

Our Mission Statement

In collaboration and alignment with community and provincial partners, the Thompson-Nicola Film Commission attracts and encourages motion picture and digital media productions that will result in expenditures in, or exposure of the Thompson-Nicola Film Commission area.

Our Goals

  • To have motion picture productions and digital media productions film in the TNRD;
  • To provide logistical support and information to production companies planning to film or filming in the TNRD;
  • To be financially accountable by practicing due diligence in seeking funding opportunities or in-kind support;
  • To provide TNRD communities and residents with motion picture and digital media production knowledge;
  • To monitor and adopt best practices in utilizing social media and technology.

Our Funding

The Thompson-Nicola Film Commission is a department within the Thompson-Nicola Regional District which funds the film commission as a service to the motion picture industry worldwide.

Creative BC provides annual funding through the Regional Film Commissions Funding Program.

Northern Development Initiatives Trust, the Economic Trust of the Southern Interior, Union of BC Municipalities, BC Rural Dividend Program and Creative BC are agencies that have funded TNFC initiatives and projects.

Our Sponsorships

The film commission is a Diamond Sponsor of the annual Kamloops Film Festival and Kamloops Independent Short Shorts Competition.

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