COVID-19 Resources

The Thompson-Nicola Film Commission (TNFC) will keep this page updated with resources related to filming and COVID-19.

Certified Safety Professionals

Reno Anastasio
Ph: 778-215-5731

  • Level B; Safety Sets International Certificate
  • BC ActSafe COVID-19 Safety Procedures Course Certificate

Nurses on Set

Refer to the Crew directory to find nurses who are available to attend on location, or contact us for a list of nurses who will work on set testing cast and crew.

Janitorial Services Specializing in COVID-19

Contact us for a list of janitorial services that will clean according to COVID-19 decontamination protocols.

WorkSafeBC Filming Protocols

Visit WorkSafeBC for guidance to employers in the motion picture and television production industry.

Directors Guild of Canada BC

Visit the the Directors Guild of Canada, British Columbia website for COVID-19 updates and useful tools/resources.


The Travel Medicine and Vaccination Centre TMVC offers testing for the film industry.

Kamloops Clinic

Marisa Sylvestre
Ph: 250-434-1023
Toll Free: 1-888-288-8682
Email: |
Address: 4-910 Columbia Street West | Kamloops, BC | V2C 1L2


Provided you satisfy Immigration, persons may fly from USA/Los Angeles or other foreign destinations to Vancouver, then to Kamloops. You will have to change planes in Vancouver.

Book early as airlines have reduced seating capacity to ensure safe physical distancing.


Film industry cast and crew are permitted to travel from the USA or other foreign countries as non-discretionary personnel entering Canada for essential work as long as they have a work permit.

Producers are still exempt from requiring a work permit, but should have a letter and documentation from the production company that have hired them.

Mainstream higher budget features/TV series: Union position (Director//DP/PD) can have work permits processed through the IMP Portal. They would be required to have a letter issued of no objection from the applicable union and a letter from the production company.

All non-union positions such as personal assistant, VFX personnel, Production Accountants.A Labour Market Impact Assessment or LMIA would be required for:

Non-union production – all crew will need to be done under LMIA.

The LMIAs may take longer to process but otherwise, so far, Immigration personnel are catching up on backlogs.

Self-Isolation Plan

Need to submit a Self-Isolation Plan

  • Can self-isolate in Vancouver and then travel to Kamloops
  • Can self-isolate in Kamloops (see Accommodations and Resorts below)
  • To learn more click here.
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