Past Productions

Blockbusters, franchise movies, romantic and suspenseful Movie of the Weeks, dramatic and reality TV series, commercials and music videos all take advantage of the locations in the Thompson-Nicola region.

New Film Releases

Legacy of

Filmed in near
Cache Creek/ Walhachin

Starring Christopher Heyerdahl, Mari Yamamoto and
Qyoko Kudo

Bones of Crows

Filmed in Kamloops and Knutsford

Starring Grace Dove, Phillip Lewitski, Remy Girard

Behind the Scenes

An Unfinished Life

Filmed in Ashcroft, Cache Creek, Kamloops & Savona Area

Starring Robert Redford, Jennifer Lopez & Morgan Freeman

Tomato Red: Blood Monday

Filmed in Ashcroft, Cache Creek, Clinton, Merritt & Savona Area

Starring Julia Garner & Jake Weary

Red Snow

Filmed in Ashcroft, Cache Creek & Kamloops Area

Starring Tantoo Cardinal & Samuel Marty


Filmed in Big Bar, High Bar & Clinton Area

Starring Nina Hoss, Peter Kurth, Mark Mandic & Lars Rudolph


Filmed in Clearwater, Vavenby & Wells Gray Park

Starring Lucas Black, Peter Coyote & Mia Maestro


Filmed in Kamloops, Savona, Spences Bridge & Ashcroft Area

Starring Amanda Crew, Stephen McHattie & Jack Kesy

Past Productions

Race to the Center of the Earth Reality TV
Year: 2021Locations:

Clinton – narrow trails in the backcountry on horseback


Race to the Center of the Earth Trailer IMDb

Rust Valley Restorers Reality TV
Year: 2020Locations:


The Amazing Race Canada Season 7 Reality TV
Year: 2019Locations:

Kamloops Bike Ranch, Ajax Mine, Circle Creek Ranch


The Amazing Race Canada IMDb

The Travel Guys Reality TV
Year: 2018Locations:

Showcasing a variety of businesses, restaurants, entertainment & events in Kamloops.

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