Water in the Thompson-Nicola Region


The North Thompson River and South Thompson River converge in Kamloops, becoming the Thompson River. The Thompson River flows into Kamloops Lake, continuing westward until turning south at Ashcroft, and eventually joining the mighty Fraser River at Lytton. The Thompson is perfect for whitewater rafting (more).

The Fraser River runs south through the Big Bar area (west of Clinton), past Lillooet to Lytton to Vancouver. The Fraser Canyon offers a spectacular drive on the Trans Canada Highway #1.

The Coldwater River runs through Merritt and converges with the Nicola River, and varies in depth and width for optimum variety.  

The Adams River is famous for the Salmon Run and attracts documentarians, filmmakers and photo-journalists, as well as tourists from around the world.

The Clearwater River starts in Wells Gray Provincial Park and joins the North Thompson River in Clearwater.

Clearwater River

Fraser River at Big Bar and High Bar area

Mud River, Blue River area

Thompson River between Savona and Ashcroft


Rapids for whitewater rafting and kayaking tremble in the Clearwater River near Clearwater, the Adams River near Chase, and the Thompson River, mostly around Spences Bridge to the Fraser River and Lytton area. 

Commercial directors and tourists alike love to capture thrills in these hectic waters.

Clearwater River's Bailey's Chute, Wells Gray Park, Clearwater

Thompson Rivers Rapids, Spences Bridge


There are more than 3,000 lakes in the Thompson-Nicola region.

Large ones are Kamloops Lake, Little Shuswap Lake, Adams Lake, Clearwater Lake, E. Barriere Lake, Nicola Lake, Loon Lake and Green Lake. 

Kamloops Lake

Mud Lake, Blue River area


The Thompson-Nicola is home to Helmcken Falls, three times higher than Niagara Falls, and situated in Wells Gray Provincial Park. 

Wells Gray Provincial Park and Clearwater boast more than 39 waterfalls: Canim Falls, Dawson Falls, Deception Falls, Garnet Falls, Goodwin Falls, Helmcken Falls, Horseshow Falls, Majerus Falls, McDougal Falls, Meadow Falls, Moul Falls (with a cavern you can walk into), Osprey Falls (Clegera), Pyramid Mountain Falls, Raft River Falls, Rainbox Falls, Silvertip Falls, Spahats Creek Falls, Sticta Falls, Sundt Falls and Sylvia Falls, and we probably missed some.

Helmcken Falls, Wells Gray Provincial Park

Moul Falls, Wells Gray Provincial Park

Other water falls are the Chase Falls near Chase, the Nicomen Falls, just south of Spences Bridge off the Trans Canada Highway #1,  Murray Creek Falls in Spences Bridge, Peterson Creek Falls in Kamloops, Quilchena Falls on the Douglas Lake Ranch near Merritt, and Panberry Falls near Blue River.  

Vidette Waterfalls in Deadman Valley 

Vidette Waterfalls was designated as the "Center of Universe" by Tibetan monks.