Online Filmmaking Education

NEW JAN 2021 Production Assistant Training (free / online)

Online Course: March 1 -  May 21, 2021 (12 weeks)

This tuition free Production Assistant online course includes a suite of certificates and is available to regional residents 15 years and older.

The Production Assistant course s approved by the Directors Guild of Canada (DGC-BC Branch) and after taking this course, the DGC will waive the 100 day on-set requirement and you can work professionally and start your log books for membership.

Registration – tuition free link


The Thompson-Nicola Film Commission is a partner and consultant on this initiative as a member of the Regional Film Commissions Association of BC.

Production Assistant Time-frame and Schedule

How much time should one expect to spend working towards the program per week?

Are there any set meeting days / times or are all 9 sections and certificates done at one's own pace?

• There will be a minimum of 1-two hour virtual class per week, 1 panel session with guest industry speakers each week, learners will then work at their own pace within a recommended weekly schedule. Students will engage through on-line chats and reviews over and above the virtual class and panel session.

Are there alternative times if a student cannot make a certain virtual class time?

TNFC Online Filmmaking Education

Motion Picture Safety - ActSafe BC #101 - Free

Required by All Film Unions

Motion Picture Safety 101 is required by all BC motion picture unions.

"This general safety workshop is designed specifically for the motion picture and television industry. Requirement to become an associate member with the Directors Guild of Canada as well as a permittee with the International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees Local 669 (IATSE 669), the International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees Local 891 (IATSE 891) and the Teamsters Local 155. Great for beginners and veterans alike."

Plus it's good common sense to be educated in safety procedures in the industry where you wish to work.


Creative BC's Reel Green - Carbon Literacy - register here Free Online

"Carbon Literacy is a unique, engaging and solutions-based training session offering attendees the information and inspiration to live and work in a more sustainable way. Across the 6-hour workshop, delegates can expect to be challenged with engaging presentations, fun (yes, fun!) activities and the space to reflect and plan. Upon successful completion of the day, attendees will:

Taking the Carbon Literacy course is free and recommended to everyone in the motion picture industry. We will begin teaching courses in British Columbia and will announce dates via industry organizations and the Reel Green platform." Creative BC


Production Assistant - A Day on a Film Set

Introduction to A Day on a Film Set as a Production Assistant. This training film will help you understand the basics of being a Production Assistant (PA) on set.

A Day on the Set

The Call Sheet

This video How to Read a Call Sheet explains film and television terms within the framework of a fictious call sheet.

 How to Read a Call Sheet

Film Industry Job Descriptions

This video describes jobs on a film crew withing the framework of a fictious call sheet.

Film Industry Job Descriptions "The Director's Team & Technical Crew"

Being Background in Motion Pictures

Introduction to Background Actor or Extra. Do's & Don'ts of Being a Background Performer.

This video explains what you should know, what to bring and what to expect when working as a Background Performer.

Being Background in Motion Pictures Do's and Don'ts

Background Actor or Extra

The Construction Coordinator - Set Building

Introduction to the job of a Construction Coordintor by Barry Warkenton IATSE 891 member.

Filmed in Chase and west of Kamloops in the Thompson-Nicola Region, British Columbia.

Construction Coordinator


Visit Creative BC's website for a comprehensive list of motion picture post-secondary institutions (here).

Thompson Rivers University (TRU) in Kamloops offers Film Studies including Film Camera Fundamentals (here) plus Communications & New Media courses (here).