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NEW JAN 2021 Production Assistant Training (free / online)

Online Course: March 1 -  May 21, 2021 (12 weeks)

This tuition free Production Assistant online course includes a suite of certificates and is available to regional residents 15 years and older.

  • Production Assistant Essentials certificate
  • Motion Picture Production Industry Orientation course certificate
  • Motion Picture Safety Awareness certificate
  • Pandemic Safety Protocols certificate
  • Workplace Hazardous Material Information System (WHMIS) certificate
  • Respectful Workplace certificate
  • Food Safe Level 1 certificate
  • Traffic Control certificate
  • Propane Safety Awareness certificate

The Production Assistant course s approved by the Directors Guild of Canada (DGC-BC Branch) and after taking this course, the DGC will waive the 100 day on-set requirement and you can work professionally and start your log books for membership.

Registration – tuition free link


The Thompson-Nicola Film Commission is a partner and consultant on this initiative as a member of the Regional Film Commissions Association of BC.

Production Assistant Time-frame and Schedule

  • 12 Weeks
  • March 1 – May 21, 2021
  • All but one certificate courses are on demand
    • Motion Pictures Industry Orientation course will have 4 different time slots

How much time should one expect to spend working towards the program per week?

  • Hours per week depends on each learner yet individuals are wise to consider allocating three hours a day if possible. They will see the return based on what they put in.
  • Students will be provided with a full schedule which outlines start and end dates of each specific course.
  • There is support provided across each course. 

Are there any set meeting days / times or are all 9 sections and certificates done at one's own pace?

• There will be a minimum of 1-two hour virtual class per week, 1 panel session with guest industry speakers each week, learners will then work at their own pace within a recommended weekly schedule. Students will engage through on-line chats and reviews over and above the virtual class and panel session.

Are there alternative times if a student cannot make a certain virtual class time?

  • They will also have 2 different 2-hour blocks of access to the instructor each week if they need some help
  • The Motion Picture Industry Orientation certificate course will have scheduled times as the college has to get 120 students through that 1-day course in 4 blocks of 30 students.
  • All other certificates are online and on demand during the 12 weeks