Mountainous Landscapes in the Thompson-Nicola Region

Mountains in the Thompson-Nicola region are at the most northern part  (Clinton, Clearwater and Blue River) and most southern (Lytton and Merritt).

Mountains of Blue River

The Community of Blue River is surrounded by the massive Monashee and Cariboo Mountain Ranges and is home to the Mike Wiegele Helicopter Skiing Resort

The Monashee Mountains and Cariboo Mountains have more than 1,000 peaks and 1,200,000 acres of skiable terrain. These mountains play host to skiers, snowboarders, glacier climbers, glacier hikers, mountain hikers, extreme mountain bikers and other 'wild and crazy guys & gals' - all year 'round.

Climate is perfect and provides 10 metres (30 feet) of snow. If you need snow early, this is the place to be.

Blue River

Mountains of Clearwater

Wells Gray Provincial Park is home to Raft Mountain, Trophy Mountain and many other snow-capped mountains such as Dunn Peak, a matterhorn which can be seen from Kamloops. The mountains of Wells Gray Provincial Park facilitate 39 spectacular waterfalls.

Raft Mountain, Clearwater


Mountains of Fraser Canyon - Clinton

Desert and pine mountains in Big Bar, High Bar and Crow's Bar align the Fraser River and receive ample snow in the winter. The mountains of this area are peppered with thick forests of pine trees that drastically thin out until there are none at the valley bottom and only desert.  Spectacular views can be had by visiting Cougar Point.

High Bar Valley Mountains


View from Cougar Point

Mountains of Fraser Canyon - Lytton

The mighty Fraser Canyon gorge is breathtaking in its sheer depth and majesty. The mountains are thick with trees and receive ample snow. They are rugged with cliffs falling sharply into the Fraser River. 

The mountains that surround Lytton and Spences Bridge boast waterfalls such as the Nicomen Falls and Murray Creek Falls. 

Jackass Mountain Summit in the Fraser Canyon provides a breathtaking view and marks the journey along the Trans Canada Highway #1 to the Coastal Mountains and Vancouver.

Lytton's in the northern section of the Cascade Mountains and is home to Botanie Mountain, which is famous for its "razor" sheer rock cliff formation along Botanie Road to the park. The Stein River Valley nearby boasts spectacular scenery in a pristine atmosphere.

Botanie Road - "Razor" Mountain - Lytton


Cascade Mountains, Lytton



Coquihalla Mountain Pass in the Cascade Mountains

The Coquihalla Pass lies in the Cascade Mountains south of Merritt and Brookmere. The border of the Thompson-Nicola Regional District boundary is at the Coquihalla Pass Summit. The Coquihalla Pass mountains receive lots of snow, from late fall to spring, depending on mother nature's mood.

At the Coquihalla Pass Summit, the Coquihalla Lakes Lodge provides camping and cabins, plus swimming, boating and fishing opportunities in the summer, and snowmobiling in the winter.

Once upon a time, the Coquihalla Pass in the Cascade Mountains sported the Kettle Valley Railway but the tracks are gone now. However, the same rail beds are still intact and bicyclists are able to explore the mountains and valleys near Brookmere and along the Coldwater River.

Coquihalla Pass Summitt - Coquihalla Lake near Merritt

Coquihalla Pass at Coquihalla Resort