Tax Incentives

Film Incentive BC Program

There are three filming zones in BC. The Thompson-Nicola region is in the Distant Regional Locations Zone.

When you film in the Thompson-Nicola region, you can take advantage of attractive tax credit schemes from both Federal and Provincial Governments.

Brief Overview of the Film Incentive BC Program (FIBC)

  • 28% of qualified BC labour expenditures – basic PSTC tax credit (35% domestic)
  • Plus 6% of qualified BC labour expenditures – regional tax credit (12.5% domestic)
  • Plus 6% of qualified BC labour expenditures – distant regional tax credit
  • Plus 16% tax credit for digital animation or visual effects when you post in BC

Digital Animation or Visual Effects Tax Credit (DAVE)

For a detailed description and eligibility criteria of the Provincial tax credits, go to Creative BC or contact by phone 1-604-736-7997 or email.

Canadian Audio-Visual Certification Office (CAVCO)

Plus 16% of Canadian Labour Costs
The Canadian Federal Government’s Film or Video Production Services Tax Credit (PSTC) is primarily for foreign production and is 16% of Canadian labour costs.

For more information on Canadian federal tax credits click here.
Phone: 888-433-2200 or 819-934-9830

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Thompson-Nicola region can work for your project, contact the Film Commission

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