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May 2019 Storyhive Documentary Competition

Please support TNRD-based filmmakers in their quest for funding from the Telus Storyhive Documentary Competition.

  • You can vote for up to 5 projects per day (www.storyhive.com)

VIDEO VILLAGE: Filmingmaking in a Small Town, Kamloops BC

Hollywood North is booming, but what is like to film in a small community with limited resources, crew and training?



With the support of funding initiatives like Telus Storyhive and the WIDC, doors are starting to open up for emerging filmmakers in small communities like Kamloops. But what is it really like to film in these communities? Is funding enough? What struggles are there to emerging filmmakers in small communities? Can you tell evoking stories well with limited crew, equipment, and training? Follow us through the behind the scenes process as we create a short film in our home town with local cast and crew, and interview our local indie filmmakers and established professionals

Cjay Boisclair


A WAY HOME - The Katherine McParland Story

Against all odds, a formerly homeless foster child uses her experience to transform the lives of at risk-youth.



Katherine McParland was only 5 when her family escaped an abusive home. Shortly after she was apprehended by MCFD, never again returning to her parents’ care. 28 foster homes later she aged out of the system and became homeless….

Jen Spitman



When only a cold, wet nose will do, search dogs are there, ready and willing to play the ultimate game of hide and seek.



These are not your average dogs next door. They are part of an elite team. A team of highly trained and highly tested dogs. Dogs using their finely honed skills to search for lost people. There are currently only 13 validated search dogs in the BC Search Dog Association, two of those are in Kamloops. It takes a lot of work to pass the strict RCMP validation process and these dogs willingly put that work in….

Jennifer Stahn



Exploring the limits of our current laws around mandating treatment from substances and the human rights of drug users.



Should the Province explore mandating treatment for those with severe and persistent addictions who are homeless and causing social discord? What other options are available in the face of this community crisis? Our story explores the growing tensions between municipalities and the Province over how to address homelessness and addictions in communities across BC….

Peter Cameron-Inglis



A man who can't help but stand out, when all he's ever wanted is to just fit in



Greg Stewart is a Gold Medalist in Volleyball, a Canadian University Defensive Player of the Year in Basketball, and is now attempting aiming to break a world record for his class at the World Championships in Dubai in shotput, a sport he took up just two years ago…

Nathan Froese



After his mother’s death, Jake Birkeland opens a holistic gym, combating stereotypes in an ego fueled industry.



Jake Birkeland, 24, is embracing a life of growing stronger. After his mother’s death from mental illness, Jake finds his purpose. He faces fears of financial ruin and public failure when he buys into a franchise called Strength Camp, a gym that is different than any other in town. Where most gyms are built on ideas of obsessive aesthetics, profit, and bravado, Jake creates a space where men and women build their physical, mental, and spiritual strength….

Josef Perszon


UNFOUND: The Burden of a SAR Volunteer

How do search and rescue volunteers cope when a search ends with no rescue, no recovery, no answers?



When no one else can help, search and rescue volunteers around BC step in. Their passion to help people goes above and beyond the expected. They leave work, families and sleep behind to help strangers in need. And these searchers can face high stress levels knowing they are the last hope for many people, but they are trained to move beyond that stress to undergo a grueling search, to help rescue someone, to recover a body for loved ones….

Anthony Stahn



Meet the eccentric community of hobby dirt track racing leading up to the Invitational with high competition and chaos.



Merritt Speedway is home to a motley crew of hobby dirt track racing. It is a bare bones, hand made, dirt track that is in existence because of the contributions of the vibrant community. Our heroes and villains will battle it out at the Bill John Memorial Invitational. Light-hearted rivalries are at their peak with a cash prize on the line and nothing to lose at the last race of the season. After all, half the fun is rebuilding the vehicle for next season…

Cheyenne Scott



This biopic film celebrates the legacy, success and life time achievements of Secwepemc matriarch; Muriel Sasakamoose.



Kind Heart and Secwepemc Matriarch is a film about Muriel Sasakamoose (Kind Heart). Since a young age, Muriel has had a legacy thrust upon her with many opportunities to succeed as a strong Indigenous woman. To name a few, Muriel was the first Indigenous woman to attend public school in Kamloops, the first Indigenous woman to be elected to the Royal Inland Hospital board, first Indigenous woman to run a provincial and federal election, and she is the only last living founding member of the BC Native Women's Association….

Nolan McAllister



Harrison is the first internationally recognized female Canadian mountain guide. This film tracks her historic ascent



Diny Harrison has been a trailblazer in the mountains her entire life. Her passion for skiing drew her out West as a young adult, where she continued to explore the high country and ultimately discovered climbing. In 1992, she was the first Canadian woman to become recognized as an internationally certified mountain guide. Since then, she has enjoyed a busy career in a field largely dominated by men…. Alexander Lavigne



The life changing nature of theatre captured in the spirit of the Stage One Theatre Program for youth in Kamloops.



This documentary explores the unique and passionate theatre community in Kamloops B.C. set against the backdrop of the Stage One Theatre Program for youth and its summer production course in which students build a show from start to finish ending with a public run of performances. Stage One is often a beginning, a first glimpse into the world of art and theatre for kids ranging in age from 4 to 18…..

Gabriela Sladkova



Reaching out to raise awareness and funds for Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women (MMIW) through fashion and tradition



A fashion show/gala event and a book launch that raises awareness for Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women. The making of a book with a digital component that will bring the fashion from the runway in Paris to life on the pages called "Un"Common Threadz. Part of the proceeds from the fashion show and book sales will go to the Native Women's Association of Canada and a trust will be set up for future aspiring models and fashion designers…

Kim Coltman



How the homeless see our community and how we see theirs. Developing realistic understanding between "them and us".



Our Community consists of smaller overlapping societies. But there is a society, the homeless, we avoid, ignore and neglect. Do we recognize them as part of our community or its outcasts? Does their society have its own rules and procedures? What perspectives do they have on their own future?…

Igor Kostin


A man close to death. A community that helps him back to his greatest glory. Brett Turcotte; the building of a champion.



Brett Turcotte is an X Games Double Gold medal winning snowmobile athlete, however his journey to the peak of his sport wasn’t straight forward. Seven months before his X Games win, and a week after marrying his wife Nicki, Brett almost died after a horrific motocross accident, breaking him to the core physically and emotionally. With the help of his community in Clearwater, BC, Brett was helped back to full strength for the 2017 winter X Games. But with four children to take care of, only $1000 left in his bank, and 3 months of unpaid mortgage payments, Brett drove to Aspen, Colorado with his family for an all or nothing shot at victory.

Mark Masterson