Deserts of the Thompson-Nicola Region

Kamloops to Cache Creek, Ashcroft and Spences Bridge

The desert terrain in the Thompson-Nicola region surrounds Kamloops to the Ashcroft, Cache Creek & Spences Bridge areas, and in the Big Bar area west of Clinton.

Box canyons, open desert plateaus, desert wetlands and red rock mountains.

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Ashcroft & Cache Creek are situated in a micro-climate of desert with short, dry winters with the snow mainly accumulating in the high mountains nearby.

Sagebrush, bunch grasses and small cactus such as prickly pear are common. 

Coyotes, yellow-bellied marmots, big-horn mountain sheep herds, white-tail deer and the odd rattlesnake may be seen in this arid area.

Ashcroft Desert Bowl


Big Bar Deserts West of Clinton

Desert hills and mountains with cliffs and narrow roads are situated along the Fraser River Canyon. Desert plateaus are known as Big Bar, Crow's Bar, High Bar, and Empire Valley via Farwell Canyon, all due west of Clinton. 

Canada's Grand Canyon (the Big Bar Fraser Canyon) has dramatic contrasts between valley and river, and mountains and plateaus. This area has been the backdrops of many 2nd unit plates and TV car and truck commercials.

Big Bar - Fraser River Canyon

High Bar Area - 1

The Thompson-Nicola desert terrain has doubled for:

  • Africa - South Africa, Kenya and Ethiopia
  • Afghanistan
  • Arizona
  • California
  • Canadian northern tundra
  • Egypt
  • India
  • Mexico
  • Nevada
  • New Mexico
  • North Dakota
  • Nuristan
  • Pakistan
  • Texas
  • The Baja
  • Tibet
  • Wyoming
  • Utah