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Terrain, Community & Heritage in the Thompson-Nicola Region

Terrain - Landscapes

Semi-arid desert-like terrain, rolling grasslands and deep forests with white water rivers are examples of the TNRD's varied terrain. Ponderosa pine trees – some mixed with deciduous trees, sagebrush and cacti, and bunch grasses are foliage typical of this region.

Semi-Arid Desert


Thick Forests & Mountainous Terrain


The diversity of the small towns within the Thompson-Nicola region offers filmmakers the opportunity to juxtapose looks within a small geographical area making the Thompson-Nicola region a significant player in the Creative BC's (BC Film Commission) branding "A World of Looks".

The Thompson-Nicola Region is comprised of small communities in DESERT, GRASSLANDS, FARMING and LAKESIDE and rangeland terrain, along rivers and lakes, and some nestled in valleys surrounded by majestic MOUNTAINS and FORESTS thick with pine.



Chase on Little Shuswap Lake


The Thompson-Nicola Region's heritage is based on its resources – mining, forestry, and vast ranges for ranching.

Our history sings of early pioneers and homesteaders, and cowboys on the open ranges.

Knutsford area, Kamloops

Due to our dry continental climate, the Thompson-Nicola Region is renowned for its healing atmosphere. The Tranquille Property was a virtual city that supported three hospitals housing TB patients, and now sits closed.

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