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Mountain & Pine Communities


District of Logan Lake

The District of Logan Lake comprises a small town and Highland Valley Copper Mine with ranches and wilderness in between. Logan Lake is a relatively new town, high in elevation and a recreation hub due to its warm, dry summers and consistently snowy winters and challenging terrain. Summer or winter, ATVs and snowmobiles, fishers and skaters, hikers and cross-country skiers (Logan Lake has the only nighttime cross-country skiing) all enjoy this area. Logan Lake is only a 45-minute drive from Kamloops or Ashcroft or Merritt. Discovery Channel has documented Logan Lake's progressive fire preparedness initiatives, and sports shows have visited and captured Logan Lake's community enthusiasm. The entire District of Logan Lake is the perfect cinematic backdrop, especially if you need snow.

Logan Lake Community

Logan Lake's snowy terrain and famous Pond Hockey Tournaments on Logan Lake

Logan Lake Outdoor Speed Skating Races

Logan Lake Community Park

Logan Lake's Outdoor Mall

Logan Lake Community Park dock

Mamit Lake area & Highway 97C

The Mamit Lake area is between the District of Logan Lake and the City of Merritt along Highway 97C. This stretch of highway has been used for several commercials because of it gentle curves and pastoral setting. On its south side, there are small rental cabins for summer fishing and winter ice fishing.

City of Merritt

The City of Merritt is located where the Coldwater and Nicola River meet and where the grasslands and mountains converge. From Merritt the Coquihalla Highway 5 traverses through several canyons of the Cascade Mountains, characterized by thick pine forests, expansive wilderness, and ranches huddled in snowcapped valleys. From Merritt, the Connector Highway branches to the southwest, towards Aspen Grove that hosts parks, small lakes and guest ranches along Highway #5A South through an open valley.


Brookmere, about a ½ hour drive southeast from Merritt, used to be a railway town when the Kettle Valley Railroad ran. Now it is a quiet community with the population of 44 persons, tucked away in little brick and small wood houses. The old rail beds are intact and used by hikers, campers, cyclists and snowmobilers.  The Coldwater River and Brodie Loop offer spectacular wilderness scenery.

Lower Nicola

Lower Nicola is a hub of activity and is situated where Highway 97C from Logan Lake meets the Nicola Highway #8 to Merritt. Lower Nicola's quaint corner stores and gas stations, and  The Merritt Speedway attract visitors and media alike.

Johnny's On The Rez

Merritt Speedway

Coquihalla Pass

The Coquihalla Pass is one of the many places in the TNRD you should visit if you need early snow and alpine looks. About a 45-minute drive from Merritt, The Coquihalla Lakes Lodge is in the Cascade Mountains and offers snowmobiling in the winter and access to the backcountry, cabins and camping in the summer. It also has access to the old Trans Canada Trail and Kelly Valley Rail Grades.

Aspen Grove

The Aspen Grove area along Highway 5A South, about 20 minutes south-east of Merritt is host to a number of ranches including the southeastern access to Douglas Lake Ranch and its Aspen Grove Cow Camp, and The Quilchena Otter Creek Cow Camp. As well guest ranches such as 7 Half Diamond Ranch, and A-P Guest Ranch take advantage of lush beauty and charm of the valley. Aspen Grove is adjacent to the Kentucky-Alleyne Provincial Park and lakes and Corbett Lake Country Inn Fishing Resort. It's a beautiful drive of gentle curves and grassy rolling scenery.

7 Half Diamond Ranch

A-P Guest Ranch

Douglas Lake Ranch Cow Camp

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