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Mission Statement and Goals of the Thompson-Nicola Film Commission

2013 - 2015

To sustain the Thompson-Nicola Film Commission as a full-time, full-service film commission that represents the Thompson-Nicola Regional District (TNRD).

To have a strategic plan that covers two consecutive years with a budget for the third year in order to incorporate and plan initiatives that fall on alternating years.

The Mission Statement of the Thompson-Nicola Film Commission is: 

In cooperation with Creative BC, to attract and encourage motion picture and digital media productions that will result in expenditures in, or exposure of, the Thompson-Nicola Film Commission area.

The 5 goals of the Thompson-Nicola Film Commission are:

  • To have motion picture productions and digital media productions film in the TNRD.
  • To provide logistical support and information to production companies planning to film or filming in the TNRD.
  • To be financially accountable by practicing due diligence in seeking funding opportunities or in-kind support.
  • To provide TNRD communities and residents with motion picture and digital media production knowledge.
  • To monitor and adopt best practices in utilizing social media and technology.
  • Association of Film Commisioners International