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High Tech in Thompson-Nicola Region



"KIC is a technology incubator created to enable commercialization and technological innovation in Kamloops. We are a private organization with public funding enabling new entrepreneurs with a wide range of backgrounds to jump-start their business by offering assistance and mentorship, as well as seed funding and seminars."

Their  mission at KIC is to inspire, nurture, and accelerate technology-based start-up businesses in order to enrich and develop the Kamloops business community.

For More information please visit the About Us page or talk to their  friendly Program Coordinator: 250.434.0200


Industry Snapshot

There are more than 200 hi-tech firms are located in the Thompson Shuswap Area and the number of job opportunities in the hi-tech sector is increasing. Kamloops is home to call centers, data centers, software providers, technology support services, and many research organizations. We have four long distance and international telecommunications service providers in the area.

An extensive fibre optic network allows the ability to provide high-speed digital voice and data access. Because both the Canadian Pacific and Canadian National railways pass through the city, Kamloops is located on most of the Canadian transcontinental fibre optic cable routes. As such, Bell, Telus, Big Pipe (Shaw), and BCNET all have major fibre access locations in Kamloops.


Kamloops Area Technology Directory

The Kamloops Technology Directory gives you valuable contacts and in-depth information on Kamloops based technology companies. To list or update your company in the Directory  today click here.


Resource Organizations

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