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Mountain & Pine Communities


70 Mile House

The community of 70 Mile House is the gateway to Green Lake, gets plenty of snow and for filming purposes, has a roadside small gas station and garage, roadside diners and a roadside motel. 70 Mile House is located along  Cariboo Highway #97N and has gems of opportunities tucked away such as a modern, vacant and huge warehouse with offices, support buildings and security system. It is named 70 Mile House as a marker of distance during the gold rush era. 70 Mile House is a stone's throw from Clinton and less than an hour drive from Cache Creek.

70 Mile Starteck Warehouse (vacant)

70 Mile Gas & Garage

Motel 70 Mile & Restaurant

Mandy's Diner


The Village of Clinton is both the "Gateway to the Cariboo" and the "Guest Ranch Capital of Canada". Clinton's small town and western atmosphere hosts a number of historic shops, and excellent stores and emporiums for antique and memorabilia buyers, 'collectors' and Set Decorators looking for the special something. Clinton is surrounded by spectacular scenery that includes Marble Range, Cougar Point, Limestone Mountains and Hart Ridge. Clinton is located along the Cariboo Highway #97, about a 40-minute drive north from Cache Creek and the Trans Canada Highway #1.


Clinton Antique Shops and Emporiums

Big Bar Area - View from Cougar Point


The Village of Lytton is "Canada's Hot Spot" and "Rafting Capital of Canada," and rests where the Thompson River meets the Fraser River. Lytton, which is nestled in the Fraser Canyon, has spectacular scenery and in winter, ominous mountains. Lytton was the town featured in "The Pledge" directed by Sean Penn starring Jack Nicholson, Robin Wright, Sam Sheppard and Benicio Del Toro, and in "Cole" a Canadian movie directed by Carl Bessai and starring Richard De Klerk, Michael Eisner and Kandyse McClure. Besides being a small town amongst beauty, Lytton is the home residence of world renowned and 'interesting' metal sculptor Ken Glasgow, as seen in many documentaries and TV lifestyle segments.


Lytton's G'Swep Gas Station (and house)

Lytton's Train Bridge with Walkway

"Cole" courtesy of Raven West Films and Rampart Films; Directed by Carl Bassai

Lytton and Lytton-Lillooet Highway #12

Botanie Lake and Road near Lytton

Lytton's Ken Glasgow's Artworks (at least some)

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